Road Trip 26: Seattle, WA – Portland, OR

Day 26: Seattle, WA to Portland, OR

Although our main plan for the day was to drive south to Portland,  we had a little bit more time for Seattle in the morning. After coffee and pastries at another of the city’s establishments – ………….(the raspberry and almond Danish was heavenly) we made a quick stop off to Fremont, a hippieish district, to visit the friendly local neighbourhood troll. He was built……,.,……………………….Before leaving, we also had excellent Russian pelmeni at the ……………, as well as some ice cream underneath the statue of Lenin. Lenin in Fremont has a rather controversial history ……..

We were then hit by the worst traffic jam of the trip so far, a three-hour jam south of Portland in which we found ourselves barely moving. It’s fair to say that we weren’t best pleased, both because we were losing time in Portland and, from my own point of view, because I wanted to be there in time to get hold of the Edexcel GCSE results, which can be accessed on Wednesday morning at 2.30am BST, which was a rather more civilised 6.30pm on Tuesday in Oregon.

High points: Troll, pelmeni, managing to successfully download some GCSE results in a branch of KFC. 

Low points: Hideous traffic jam.

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