Road Trip 14: Austin, TX – Lubbock, TX

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Day 13: Austin, TX – Lubbock, TX

Today was the biggest drive of the trip so far at about 7 hours. As we’d lingered at the Space Center we’d not made that much distance, so decided to drive north-west from Austin and see how far through Texas we got.

The drive was a great empty back roads drive – as we were headed northwest, and not towards any major cities, there was no interstate, only deserted highways through towns with amazing names and minuscule populations: Eden, Wall, Post. All seemed well supplied with churches and gun shops, and we were impressed to see that some people in West Texas genuinely wear Stetson hats. Probably deathly boring places to grow up in, and I’m not sure I’d want to linger, but definitely fun to drive through.

View from the car.

Lubbock itself is a more sizeable city, and is most famous for being the birthplace of Buddy Holly. Sadly, as it was quite late by the time we got there we missed out on a photo opportunity with the giant pair of glasses the city has erected in his honour.

We did, however, have time for an amazing dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. I should mention: I love crab. It’s probably I my top 10 foods, and I could happily chow down on vast quantities of it. I enjoy the messiness and challenge of the whole eating experience as well; once you’ve cracked open the claw and poked out the contents, you appreciate the delicious crab meat even more. This particular crab fest was enhanced by some delicious corn on the cob, a ‘Coronita Margarita’ (margarita enhanced by adding beer) and a particularly productive Pokémon lure stop that a fellow diner had evidently placed over the establishment, making Lubbock, Texas unexpectedly the best part of the US so far for catching Pokémon.

Highlights: Crab and ‘coronita margarita’

Lowlights: 7 hours of driving did not make for the most exciting day of the trip

Up next: Graffitied Cadillacs, canyons and Route 66…

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