About Me

Hello there, I’m Jenny, and, well, I like to meander. Whether it’s getting lost in a book or getting lost in the backstreets of a city, I’m happiest when I’m discovering things. I am currently a very lucky person with a year’s sabbatical from work, which I am spending mostly fobbing off tuk-tuk drivers in South Asia. Alongside other things.

I love adventure, food, messing about with my camera, reading, meeting locals and other travellers, and generally absorbing myself in my surroundings. I’d rather a cold beer and a chat than a wild party any day, and I’d almost always rather walk. I want to travel responsibly and ethically wherever I go. Give me some hiking boots, mountains and dark skies filled with stars and I’m a very happy woman.

I’m not new to travel: a quick tally up has put me on 39 countries so far. I’ve lived in a hammock in the jungle, taken the trans-Siberian in winter, taught in a Chinese megacity, and eaten my weight in ugali in a Kenyan village. Many of these things were done in the age of torturous dial-up before it was easy to blog – now that it’s so simple, I’d like to share my current adventure with others.

What you won’t find here: parties in Goa, countless posts about solo female travel (seriously: it’s not that hard), travel style as I have none, reviews of luxury hotels. I mean, I’d really love to provide you with reviews of luxury hotels, but the budget does not stretch that far.

What you might find here: food, tips, history, culture, photos, books, reflections, occasional snark.

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